How to Give your Dog a Proper Walk

You might think that a few laps around the block is enough for a “good walk” when it comes to your pet dog. However, there is a proper way on how to do it. A walk might just be a short 30 minute morning or afternoon ritual for you and your pet, but it really means a lot to them. They get to spend time with you plus they get to go outside and explore the world. A walk is something exciting to them, so doing it properly will not only make it more enjoyable for them, it’ll also keep them safe.

How to Give your Dog a Proper Walk
Here are a few tips on how to properly walk your dog.

Use a good leash

Some people think that any leash will work, as long as you can get a hold of your dog and it has enough space to move, it will work. However, there are different types of leashes of different uses. For a walking leash, you’ll want something that’s sturdy and is long enough that you can easily control your dog. You actually don’t want your dog to walk in front of you so you need to use a leash that you can wrap around your hand so your dog walks beside you.

Protect their paws

This isn’t mandatory, but you might need it. Some dogs, especially the ones that have degenerative myelopathy, might need something to protect their paws while they walk. It’s also a good thing to let them wear dog booties since it can help guard them from getting cuts on their paws. Booties will also help give them balance and grip as they walk, which is a big help if they have mobility problems.

Know where to go

Don’t just take some random route, plan out your walks and know where you’re going to pass by. This is the best way to keep safe, especially if you take your dog out for a walk during the night. You might also want to stick with places like the park or open lots where your dog can run around and play.

Monitor their energy level

Don’t wear your dog out too much. If you notice your dog getting too tired, take a shorter route next time. It’s true that your dog needs exercise, but too much might end up injuring them. Dogs that are sick, especially with degenerative myelopathy, will need a shorter exercise time, so mind how long you’ve been out.

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